Elisabeth Eidenbenz


This year I had the opportunity to work for one of the best projects that I ever had the opportunity to work for.

Around the past month of April I was contacted by Jordi Sebastiá, MEP for The Greens/EFA, in order to work in a project for promote an exhibition in the European Parliament about the “Maternity of Elna”, an institution which existed at the end of the Spanish Civil War and the beginning of the World War II. This institution helped plenty of pregnant women who were scaping from the horrors of the war because of their jew origins or for other reasons.

In order to promote the exhibition, the MEP requested me to produce some assets: a booklet, some posters and a roll-up.

Title of the exhibition, in english (left) and catalonian (right).

First of all, I had to develop a title for the different assets that I had to produce. the main challenge for this was to create a version of the title in english and in catalonian.

After some tests, sketches and trying different things, I picked Goudy Old Style as the main typography for the project, not only because I was able to use it both for display and for body text. Also, is a typography like in the case of Garamond, Times New Roman and others have this reminiscences to the past but at the same time have this graceful curvy shapes which was nice for give the femenin touch to the project.


Print test of the booklet.

Because the title I had to develop it both in english and catalonian, same was for the booklet. I did the text edition in a way that you had to rotate the booklet in order to read it in their different language versions for each face.


In addition to the booklet, the posters and the roll-up, also I produced some assets for social media like a Facebook event cover or a squared image for promote the event.


MEP Jordi Sebastiá and other organizers and responsibles of the exhibition allong with the roll-up.

Sincerely, this has been by far one of the most beautiful projects that I ever had the opportunity to work for. I would like to work in other projects like this in the future.


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