The Bleach Seller / El Vendedor de Lejía

I made this comic for the Valencia Crea comic contest but, unfortunately, I didn’t win any prize of the contest. But doesn’t means that I can’t share it with all of you, beloved readers of this blog. This 3 page comic is called “The Bleach Seller” and is about the hidden dangers behind some TV commercials. Enjoy it!

Hice esta historieta para el concurso de cómic del Valencia Crea pero, desafortunadamente, no gané ningún premio del concurso. Pero eso no significa que no pueda compartirlo con vosotros, queridos lectores de este blog. Este cómic de 3 páginas se llama “El Vendedor de Lejía” y trata sobre los peligros que se esconden detrás de los anuncios en televisión. ¡Disfrutadlo!

– How much dirt there is in this house!!


– And you could lend me a hand, couldn’t you?

– Hmpf!

– Prrff, what a lazy…

– Psssst, lady!

– Would you like to try a new product?

– What is it?

– The new Delenux Ultra 3000!! The ultimate bleach! Clean off all the dirt forever!

ElVendedorDeLejia03– What do you say? Do you want to try it?

– Yes!! I want to get rid of all this filth!!

– Say no more!

– SO…

– Oh my god, everything is spotless! What do I owe?

– The few money that you got is enough. Bye!

– Have you seen Amancio how clean is all? Amancio?


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